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Welcome to the Dark Peak Data Co-operative!

Dark Peak is a user-run co-operative providing hosted open-source software for the benefit of our members.

Free services such as Facebook, Twitter, and GMail make money by collecting data about their users and either selling it directly, or selling the influence that gives them.

We each want better control over what we share and how our data is used, so we founded an organisation democratically run and owned by its users. By sharing resources and expertise, our volunteers aim to provide convenient alternatives that put you back in control.


If you're interested in Joining the Co-operative come chat with us in #darkpeak on Freenode IRC or sign up to our mailing list.


We currently provide our members with:

We welcome other services that will be Useful to multiple Members, match our Principles and don't require unreasonable resources. Dynamic websites are considered equally to any other service against those guidelines. Services currently planned and in development are listed in our Services Roadmap. If you'd like to help make more of them a reality, you are encouraged to help in Developing Services.


We hold Hack days on the second Saturday of the month to help develop our services. On the Friday before this we meet at union-st at 6pm for discussion and planning.

Articles of the Co-Op

Where the Money Goes

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