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  1. Data with representation
    • Everyone should have the opportunity to direct how data about them is used
    • The best way to guarantee this is an organisation owned and democratically controlled by its users
    • In disagreement, don't rush. Give people time to migrate if necessary.
    • If you leave, reasonable steps should be taken to remove your data.
  2. Promote the dignity of data ownership
    • We value privacy, your control over who you share with and how
    • We reject mass surveilance by companies and government alike
    • We do not guarantee secrecy, and cannot protect against targeted investigation
  3. Provide the freedom to host some or all services yourself
    • It must always be possible to migrate your data, preferably in widely used formats
    • The software we run must be Free/Open-Source, so you can always run it yourself
    • Services should be separable to reduce the barrier to individually hosting a service
  4. Federate and interoperate where possible
    • We should use open standards wherever possible
    • We prefer decentralised protocols and federation over centralised services
    • This reinforces and protects your ability to individually host services
    • This allows other groups to adopt these principles and work together

To support these principles we are a member of Co-operatives UK and uphold the Co-operative principles.