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Before a new member can be enrolled, proof of intention to pay the membership fees is required. This is mostly a formality and a print-out or electronic copy of the new member's standing order mandate supplied to one of the board of directors should be sufficient.

Process for Dark Peak Data Administrators

Any member that has the "User Administrator" role in FreeIPA may add user accounts for new members. Before adding the user account, you should ask the new member what their preferred login user name is. When you have the information, log into the identity server and click the add button in the users section.


Fill in the first and last name fields and generate a randomised password. The class field should be left blank. Click the add button to finish adding the user.


The new member's user account should now be active. Send their login credentials to them, preferably offline or via a secure channel. FreeIPA will force the new member to change their password the first time they log into the identity server.

Process for New Members

You will be asked by the Dark Peak Data administrator what your preferred login user name is, so that they may create your account. This is the user name you will use to log into all the Dark Peak Data services. The administrator will then send you a randomly generated password, preferably offline or via a secure channel. The first thing you should do is change your password, which may be done by immediately logging into the identity server.


Log into the identity server using the user name and password given to you by the administrator and if this is your first time logging in, you will be asked to change your password. If you are not using two-factor authentication, then you may leave the OTP field blank.


Once you are logged in, this is the place where you may manage your Dark Peak Data user account. If you wish to change your password again, you may do so by logging into the identity server as you have just done, clicking your name in the top right-hand corner and choosing the change password option from the drop-down menu.